“Nobody Can Go Back and Start a New Beginning, But Anyone Can Start Today and Make a New Ending.” Maria Robinson

Suddenly you know it’s time to start something, something new, something epic and trust in the magic of beginnings. While there is fear in the unknown, more importantly, there is a new horizon, excitement, fresh challenges, and new friends. 

Aren’t fear and excitement the two sides of the same coin? When have they ever existed independently? In the balance of the two, they make the whole. And working in this whole makes us grow. 

Because too much of the one, too much of excitement imposes blinders, and too much of the other, too much of fear doesn’t let us take that first step.


All around the world, we see dreams in many hearts. For some, it’s the fulfilment of purpose. For others, it’s the tag of recognition. For us, it’s the former. New beginnings in life are charged with magic, casting irreversible change upon us. Our coffee infused collection is enveloped with the fragrance of brew. Defining our own starting line, we’ve defined the rules of our game, we’ve decided the category to run in.


Our first edit is about coffee-infused apparel - T-shirts and Polos. The use of coffee grounds perfectly ties the story together as the embodiment of, “Drink it, Wear it.” Each piece is made from a minimalistic approach with calming pastels and classic style. The name of our colours also ignites the feelings we wish to evoke through our creation.